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The contents of the "Overview" (introduction, procedure, roles, consulting methods, etc.) are listed below. (Items with underlines are linked (🔗) to the corresponding blog article.)

[Introduction/How to proceed]
- Introduction of consultants, how to proceed with consulting, introduction of category items, how to read the blog

- Role of production technology consultant, niche technology,

- SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, 5 forces, 3C analysis, transformation to a niche, 4P analysis,
ABC analysis, PLC, positioning map, Ansoff's growth vector, PPM,
Balanced scorecard (BSC), cash flow analysis, break-even analysis,
How Tier 1 companies should be, line builder,
SAP, PM, PMO, SIER, KPI management in manufacturing,
Incidents in manufacturing, use of generative AI in manufacturing, management philosophy in manufacturing,

[Sales channel development]
SFA system, MA system, CRM system,
Sales channel matching, online exhibition, real exhibition, pitch event, expressing the superiority of technology,
Expressing product features, expressing keywords, developing sales channels for small and medium-sized enterprises, how to present a business plan,
How to increase appeal, how to create a catchphrase, clarifying points of differentiation,
Clarifying the target, creating impressions, checking the status of users,
Explicit and potential users, white papers, CTA (call to action),
AIDMA, AISAS, AISCEAS, SIPS, DECAX in the manufacturing industry,

[Business succession]
★Business succession
Business succession (production technology), transfer of production technology,

[Industry review]
- Automobiles, aircraft, auto parts, medical equipment, electronics, precision equipment , production machinery,

- MRP (material requirements planning), MRP2 (manufacturing materials planning), ERP (enterprise resource planning),
M;net (project registration, order information, delivery progress management),

- Safety (current ratio, capital adequacy ratio), profitability (revenue to sales ratio), efficiency (total capital turnover,
inventory turnover days, tangible fixed asset turnover), productivity (value added per person, labor costs per person),
Cash flow analysis (operating cash flow, investment cash flow, financial cash flow), McSS (Small and Medium Enterprise Management Diagnostic System),
Development of investment recovery plan, labor distribution rate,

[BCP] (Business Continuity Plan)
★BCP Earthquake countermeasures (fixed equipment)

[Other] (for the time being, described in the overview)
・Expert registration, JP IT Week, Smart Factory, 11th IoT Solution (Tokyo),
7th Nagoya Manufacturing World, 2nd IoT Solution Exhibition (Nagoya),
37th NEPCON Japan (Tokyo), Manufacturing World 2023, 2nd NEPCON Japan (Autumn),
7th NEPCON Japan (Nagoya),​ NEPCON Japan 2024, DREX2024,
9th Nagoya Manufacturing World, 33rd Japan IT Week Spring,

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