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《Factory Management》

> 工場管理

Below is a list of specific topics that are expected to be covered in factory management consulting:
​(Items with underlines are links (🔗) to the relevant blog articles.)


[Factory management]
★Factory management: Ensuring factory safety, quality and process management, securing and developing human resources,

★Facility management: Planning and implementing goals and achieving them, reducing costs and improving work efficiency, creating a good environment

★Equipment management: Developing equipment investment plans, progress management (equipment council secretariat), managing idle machines

★Factory layout management: Overall factory layout, parts receiving layout, front and rear line layout, shipping area layout

★Area creation activities: Factory area creation activities, confirmation of required area, area transition graph, area occupancy ratio

★Logistics and inventory management: Logistics improvement, inventory Inventory reduction activities, parts maintenance room, optimal inventory, AGV, AMR, automated warehouse,SCM, logistics improvement through GTP,

★Factory environment management: cleanliness setting, cleanliness management (product environment, work environment),cleanliness evaluation method, local exhaust ventilation system, ESD countermeasures,pollution prevention (air, water quality, vibration, noise), temperature, lighting

★Energy saving management: electricity, water, kerosene, gas, energy management methods

★Maintenance management: equipment maintenance, preventive maintenance, post-event maintenance, emergency maintenance, facility maintenance, jig and tool maintenance, mold maintenance

★Visualization of the factory: visualization of 5S, visualization of QCDS, visualization of 5M1E, visualization of information,policy management, visualization of daily management

★5S: 5S checklist, how to organize, how to set things in order, how to clean,
how to be clean, how to discipline

★Skill management: Skill management in manufacturing, how to prepare skills materials, skill management and personnel evaluation,how to evaluate skills, skills of production engineers,

★Human resource development: multi-skilled workers, dealing with human error, training plans, personnel evaluation

★Equipment production: FMEA of equipment, preparation of necessary parts, assembly work/inspection, wiring work/checking,Centering work, automatic operation check, shipping, maintenance,

[Line transfer work]
★Line transfer: Production engineering issues, quality, inspection, department inspection, product management, maintenance, production department issues,
Support for promoting line transfer activities (between factories, between companies)

[Store closing activities]
★Store closing activities: Line disposal, equipment disposal, jig disposal, mold disposal, reverse engineering,Product storage, parts storage

★SDGs: ESG, SRI, SDG6 (water resources), SDG8 (job satisfaction), SDG9 (innovation),

[ISO audit]
★ISO audit support: quality audit, environmental audit, customer requirements

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