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《Production Technology》

Below is a list of specific topics that are expected to be covered in consulting related to "production technology work."
​(Items with underlines are links (🔗) to the relevant blog articles.)


> 生産技術業務

[Production technology overview]
★Production technology overview: considering construction methods, process design, improving productivity, quality control, schedule management,
equipment investment, production technology development, product development and product design support, on-site improvement,
process audits, what is mass production?, about PoC, confirming mass production,

★The role of production technology: management support, problem solving (introduction of innovative technology, quality), the work of production technology,
the mindset of a production engineer, rewarding work in production technology, production technology management,
the nature of production technology, what is production technology?, new production technology, production technology DX,
Biomimetic technology,​How production technology organizations should be,

[Topics of interest] (topical content; overlapping)
★New processing technologies: IH soldering, laser soldering, ultrasonic soldering,
Press-in projection welding,​Hairpin welding, solid-state welding technology,
Ultrasonic metal welding, solid-state resistance spot welding, friction stir welding (FSW),
★New materials, difficult-to-process materials: Carbon fiber, CFRP, graphene, perovskite solar cells,

★EV: EV motor windings, magnet wire, EV motors, rectangular copper wire, polyimide copper wire,
All-solid-state batteries, supercapacitors, suction blow molding,​Water heaters,
EV PTC heater, drive motor, regenerative brake, DC/DC converter,
Inverter, PCU, BMS, battery, cooling module,
CASE trends, electrified parts; electric brake booster, electric power steering,
Air conditioning system, AD, ADAS, HMI/IVI, NVH improvement,

★Robot; robot arm,, types of robot hands, drone robot, collaborative robot,
Robot teaching, introduction of industrial robots, dual-arm robot,
Key points for using robots, how to determine if they are robotized, appearance inspection using dual-arm robot,

★Introduction of AI; Python, machine learning, deep learning Learning), issues with using AI in production technology, AI visual inspection,

★IoT ; Social IoT (logistics, etc.), Industrial IoT, IoT investment evaluation, Using IoT for maintenance, Using IoT for quality control, ​Using IoT sensors, Raspberry Pi,

★3D printers ; ​Using 3D printers, About 3D printers, Metal 3D printers,

★DX ; ​DX,

★Skill management ; Skill management in manufacturing, How skills teaching materials should be, Skill management and personnel evaluation, ​          How skills should be evaluated, Skills of production engineers,

【 Process Design (New Product Support, etc.)

★New product support: New construction method review, product benchmarking, construction method benchmarking,Basic reverse engineering,

★Front loading activities: Product drawing review, assembly confirmation, prototype review,

★Concurrent engineering,

★Projects: Production technology related projects, next generation rationalization project, automation project, factory space creation project,
Mass production line production preparation project, operation rate improvement project, line transfer project, store closing activity project,
Streamlining project, logistics project, inventory Inventory reduction pro, One-item flow pro,IoT pro, Factory IoT pro, Product IoT pro, Energy saving pro, Market complaint improvement,Delivery defect reduction, Internal defect reduction, Human error elimination, Robotization pro,Layout improvement pro, In-house production pro, Outsourcing pro, Added value creation pro,Skill improvement pro, Safety environment improvement pro, Procurement pro, DX pro,Standardization promotion pro, QMS promotion pro, 5S promotion pro, Supplier quality improvement pro,

★Process review; Process flow diagram, Control point setting, Creation work methods,

★QC process chart: what a QC process chart should be, QC process chart for cutting processing,

★PFMEA: process extraction, failure mode extraction, impact level setting, occurrence level setting, detection level setting,importance setting and countermeasure promotion, PFMEA for the fusing process, PFMEA for the pressing process,PFMEA for the clamping process, PFMEA for the screw tightening process, PFMEA for the welding process,PFMEA for the air leak inspection process, PFMEA for the soldering process, PFMEA for the winding process,
PFMEA for the ultrasonic welding process,

★QA network: QA network process extraction, QA network quality assurance items, QA network occurrence prevention,Preventing leaks to QA net, creating QA net prevention measures

★FP (foolproof; Poka-yoke); handling incorrect products, missing items, reverse assembly, double assembly,Handling foreign objects, over- and under-processing, skipping processes, forgetting work, packing mistakes, ...

★Estimate review; cost estimate, investment estimate, labor hour estimate, line takt estimate,Cost table, how to proceed with manufacturing cost estimates,

★Investment review; investment effect, cash flow

★Specification review; equipment specifications, jig specifications, safety Specifications, maintenance specifications, consideration of new equipment introduction,

★Line layout consideration; area and location consideration, work procedure consideration, optimization adjustment methods,

★Production preparation promotion; overall schedule management, task construction, event response schedule, internal/external division,

★Initial flow management; initial flow designation/cancellation, equipment start-up management, quality improvement management,

★Quality assurance; design quality, process quality, work quality, delivery destination quality, limit samples, limit sample operation methods,
Masterpiece, market quality, traceability support, HAST testing, HALT/HASS testing,

【 Flow response]
★ Rationalization response: Consideration of rationalization targets, problem-solving methods (cost),

★ Automation consideration: Work automation, supply automation, processing automation, transport automation, transfer automation, visual inspection automation,

★ Labor-hour reduction activities: Consideration of work organization, consideration of process simplification (abolition), work improvement,

★ Quality improvement: Defect reduction activities, complaint response, reduction of grooving defects, reduction of welding defects, reduction of soldering defects,
reduction of press-fitting defects, reduction of fusing defects, reduction of rolling grooving defects,reduction of ultrasonic welding defects, reduction of winding defects reduction, reduction of adhesion defects,

★Improvement of operation rate: short stop response, shortening of MT, loss due to breakdown (long stop), change of setup, start-up loss,

★Single-item flow activity: review of lead time, consideration of minimizing work-in-progress, consideration of preventing mass defects,

★Productivity improvement consideration, confirmation of target part numbers, consideration of flow models, consideration of line construction, consideration of part input,

★TIE: JIT, level production, kanban, visual management, 5S, andon, standard work, improvement,

★Test and investigation report

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