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《Specific technology education》

Below is a list of specific topics that are expected to be covered by consulting regarding "specific technology education." (This is a list of topics covered by consulting, not just individual education.)

(Items with underlines are links (🔗) to the relevant blog articles.)


> 固有技術教育

[Assembly and inspection technology training]
★Mechanical joining: press-fitting, press-fitting mechanism, pipe press-fitting, grooving, screw tightening,Rolling grooving (high spin grooving),
Rolling grooving, eyelet grooving, peel grooving, mesh grooving, grooving mechanism, split grooving,
Blind grooving, hot grooving, ultrasonic grooving, assembly, metal/resin joining,

★Metallurgical joining: soldering, soldering mechanism, laser welding, beam soldering,IH soldering, laser soldering, ultrasonic soldering,
Welding (TIG, MIG, MAG, spot welding, laser, gas, beam),
Press-in projection welding, hairpin welding, seam welding,
Ring projection welding, Peltier effect, ultrasonic metal welding,
Solid-state resistance spot welding, friction welding, friction stir welding (FSW), linear friction welding,
Solid-state welding technology, NMB welding,

★Adhesive bonding: adhesive processing, resin filling and hardening process, film lamination, gravure coating,

★Resin welding: ultrasonic welding processing (ultrasonic and heat), laser - Welding, vibration welding, high frequency welding

★Board mounting: mounting process, flux application, electronic component assembly (flow and reflow soldering processes),

★Winding process: winding terminal processing, fusing, fusing mechanism, EV motor winding,

★Machine assembly: assembly and inspection work, wiring and checking work, centering work, automatic operation check, maintenance,

★Machine elements: IoT press servo mechanism, bearing mechanism, bearings, screws, wireless power supply, coupling , PLC, gears, gear processing, linear guides, ball screws, servo motors, non-vibrating parts feeders, split bearings,

★Robots; robot arms, types of robot hands, drone robots, collaborative robots, robot teaching, introduction of industrial robots, dual-arm robots, key points for using robots, how to determine if they are being robotized, force sensors, visual inspection using dual-arm robots,

★Disposal/recycling; cutting machines, crushers, pulverizers, volume reduction machines,

★Painting: Paint, powder coating, electrostatic coating, electrostatic coating, spray coating, spindle coating,

★Assembly and inspection equipment: Ultrasonic machines, lasers, welding machines, beams, adhesive applicators, high-spin machines,
Press machines, leak inspection machines, various measuring instruments (3D, tool microscopes, roughness gauges,
Amsler, analyzers, hardness gauges), FFT analysis, digital oscilloscopes, LCR meters,Flaw detection tests, impedance analyzers, SEMs, optical cutting sensors,

★Materials: Carbon fiber, ceramics, semiconductors, printed circuit boards, CFRP, graphene,Magnet wire, EV motors, rectangular copper wire, polyimide copper wire,
Perovskite solar cells, Raspberry Pi, solid-state batteries, supercapacitors,

★Processing and inspection: Heat treatment, cleaning (1), cleaning (2), air blow cleaning , ultrasonic cleaning, wire mesh product processing,
foreign matter management, printing, plasma treatment, visual inspection, air leak inspection, helium leak inspection,submerged leak inspection, characteristic inspection, continuous furnace, AI appearance inspection, hydrocarbon cleaning, emulsion cleaning,3D measurement, cleanliness evaluation method, foreign matter management, surface roughness,

【Parts processing technology education】
★Machine processing;Cutting (drill press, lathe, milling machine), grinding machine, automatic lathe, rolling machine, MC,benefits of single-purpose machines and multi-purpose machines, barrel polishing, cutting tools, cutting oil, deburring processing technology,shot blasting, gun drill processing, polygon processing, rolling processing, vanishing,superoll processing, broaching, resin cutting processing, BTA processing,

★Resin molding;Injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, suction blow molding, compression molding,Foam molding, two-color molding, sandwich molding, insert molding, vertical molding machine,Horizontal molding machine, decoration, decorative film molding, co-extrusion molding,

★Forging and press processing ; hot forging, cold forging, closed forging, free forging, rolling, shear processing,Roll forming, sheet metal processing, fine blanking, bending and flange forming processing,
Drawing and forming processing, press machine, Thomson processing, shim,

★Plating ; role of plating, plating mechanism, plating process, plating quality control,Kanigen plating,

★Material ; Processability of aluminum, Processability of stainless steel, Processability of magnesium,Processability of titanium, maraging steel, Processability of Inconel, copper (alloy),Stellite,
POM resin, acrylic resin, MC nylon, PBT resin,
P PS, PEEK resin, unilate, PTFE (Teflon) resin,
Glass epoxy resin, phenol (bake) resin, ABS resin,
CFRP Processability, machinability, moldability, press Processability,

★Rubber: rubber parts processing, rubber cutting,

★Springs: spring processing, multiforming, coiling, coining,
Torsion springs, austempering,

★Equipment, molds: servo press effects,

★Cutting tools, tools: end mill processing,

★Surface treatment, heat treatment: TD treatment, WPC treatment, DLC treatment, sputtering,

★Other: die casting, electric discharge machining, wire cutting, casting,
NIPPS method,Lost wax, busbars, NC routers, Geomet treatment, vapor deposition,
Electrolytic polishing, rubber mixing process, SEP treatment, etc.


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