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《QMS Construction》

Below is a list of specific topics that are expected to be covered in consulting related to "QMS construction."
​(Items with underlines are links (🔗) to the relevant blog articles.)


> QMS構築

[Manufacturing Engineering Guidelines]
★Manufacturing Engineering Guidelines: Division of duties, job authority, departmental policy management guidelines, mid- to long-term plan creation guidelines,Roadmap creation guidelines, skill management, IATF16949,

★Manufacturing Engineering Guidelines: New product management table creation guidelines, production preparation management table creation guidelines, quotation creation guidelines,Process FMEA creation manual, line layout creation guidelines, process design DR implementation guidelines,QC process table creation guidelines, processing condition setting manual, process design planning guidelines,Equipment specification creation manual, equipment approval document creation guidelines,Processability evaluation implementation guidelines, process capability investigation guidelines, tooling request document creation guidelines,
Equipment DR implementation guidelines, equipment jig management guidelines, equipment inspection guidelines,Flow follow-up meeting implementation guidelines

[Manufacturing-related guidelines]
★Manufacturing department-related guidelines: division of duties, job authority, mid- to long-term planning guidelines, education and training/skill management

★Manufacturing work-related guidelines: daily inspection guidelines, rework/reassembly guidelines, finalization guidelines, abnormality handling guidelines,control chart recording guidelines, standard work chart creation guidelines, work standard documentation guidelines

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