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Production Engineering Related Education

Below is a list of specific topics that are expected to be covered by consulting on "production engineering education." (This is a list of topics covered by consulting, not just individual education.)

(Items with underlines are links (🔗) to the relevant blog articles.)


> 生技関連教育

[General Production Engineering Education]
★General production engineering work: How to hold meetings, test investigation reports, work plans, benefits of VBA,Use of 3D printers, about 3D printers, metal 3D printers,​Industry 4.0, principle of virtual work, geometric tolerance,
Failure studies, processing standards, Society 5.0, DX, FEM analysis, 5G,

★Presentation material creation: Parallelism, ways of thinking, policies, materials for equipment review, materials for quality assurance,
ISO-compliant materials (various types)

★Introduction of AI: Python, machine learning, deep learning, issues with using AI in production technology,

★IoT: Social IoT (logistics, etc.), industrial IoT, IoT investment evaluation, use of IoT for maintenance, use of IoT for quality control,
Use of IoT sensors,

★RPA: Introduction of RPA, RPA work, PoC (Proof of Concept: Proof of Concept), RPA for Production Engineering Work,

[SQC Training]
★SQC Training: 7 QC Tools (7 Items), New 7 QC Tools, Control Chart, Fishbone Diagram,Difference Test, Correlation Analysis, 5-Why Analysis, Regression Analysis, Weighted Average,Calculation of Cumulative Tolerance, Gage R&R, Least Squares Method,Ridge Regression, Lasso Regression, Elastic Net, random forest, decision tree,

★Experimental design: factorial layout, L8, L9, L16, L27 experimental design, statistical values, quantitative,

★Other: response surface analysis, multivariate correlation diagram, multiple regression analysis, branched experimental analysis,

[Technical English Education]
★Technical English: machine translation, company introduction, process overview (English), layout (English),PFMEA (English), etc.

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